The New and Improved K&H

Blimey, look at us! A fresh new look website, a Facebook page, Twitter and now a blog!  What happened?   Well, after much deliberating, procrastinating and coffee drinking here I am. How exciting to be part of the ‘Social Media Revolution!’ 

When I felt it was time to polish up on my sales and marketing skills nothing could prepare me for what I was about to become part of.  It was at a workshop with Fiona Hudson-Kelly that I entered the world of Social Media Marketing.  There I sat wide eyed and confused, trying to make sense of it all. What was a Meta tag? And what on earth was a back link?  What does SEO, RSS and HTML stand for and why so many letters and abbreviations?  So, like a sponge I soaked it up and pestered the young chap next to me with countless questions.  He would politely respond to my queries and always with the same expression.  One of pity and ‘please go away..’  So I did.  I left with more enthusiasm than I had felt for anything in ages.  

I want the world to know just how fabulous we are and how proud I am to be part of such a clever and creative team.  And I now know how I’m going to do it.  We shall no longer remain a hidden gem but out in the open leading the way in exhibition stand design (she shouts punching her fist in the air).

As I reach this point of our first blog I am starting to feel a little like an overwhelmed Gwyneth Paltrow and feel I should thank all those who made it possible.  So a big thanks to my Twitter friends for their support and shared knowledge.  To ‘Uncle’ Jim Connolly and Popdance who inspire me immensely.  And of course team K&H for trusting me and my madness.

So here we are.  Embracing change and ‘moving with the times’ as my auntie Jeanie would say.  Is the World Wide Web ready for K&H?  Only time will tell.

Let the blogging begin!

P x

PS – Computer Cloud anyone?!

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  1. Jim Connolly says:

    “Uncle” Jim Connolly?

    Seriously, thanks for mentioning me in your very first blog post.

  2. Gavin Ryan says:

    Congratulations! on your first post.
    Good luck!

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