5 Top Tips – for your next exhibition



So you’ve got a fantastic product with a stand to match?

While online marketing is continuously improving businesses and their approach to reaching customers, exhibiting at shows will always give your business that extra edge. Becoming an exhibitor not only allows you to showcase your product directly to potential customers but also allows you to provide a snapshot of your company as a whole. Thus, it’s essential to make good first impressions.

Here are a few techniques that can help you increase footfall at your next exhibition:

Use competitions

Everyone wants to be a winner, right? Setting up a contest is a great way to engage and attract potential customers as it helps create a more relaxed setting open for conversation. Having quality giveaways or even a magician can make your stand unique and exciting. To build momentum, use your social media so people know what to expect before they reach your stand.

Have a photo booth

Photo booths may seem to have gone out of fashion, but when you look at them more attentively, they still serve a purpose when it comes to an exhibition. Depending on your industry, being able to take a quick snap is an excellent way for your attendees to have exposure to your product, which can create some great marketing material for future campaigns, as well. The Mr. Holland Campaign is an excellent example of photo booth success at an exhibition.

Improve your customer service

Customer service is another way of leveraging your exhibition efforts. Despite offering your attendees the best possible products and services, your customer service is what matters the most. Here’s a thought. Why not provide a triage section/timeslot where an existing customer can book or even pre-book a face-to-face meeting; it’s a great way to engage with the customer and to increase foot traffic.

Build momentum pre-event

Exhibitions give you another thing more than just meeting your customers in person. It gives you an opportunity to make new friends, partners, and customers. Few people will realize this, but building a pre-event is the best way to share knowledge and a secure way to advocate. Let your customers know you will be at the exhibition and the activities or products you will be offering. This way, they will recognize you or track you down at the exhibition ground.

The most important part

The techniques above are some great initial icebreakers that help you get to the most crucial point, as I mentioned earlier, and that is to engage with your potential customers.

Ask questions and listen to what the potential client has to say to find how your product or service can fulfil their needs. It’s a great way to learn, build networks, and maybe even acquire some valuable leads.

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